Parent testimonial

In 2014, a 160lb kid just finished his freshman season of football at Centennial. After the season he started training with TBA. He had dreams of being a D1 college football player- on the oline. Let’s face it, 160lbs on the line, now that’s a joke. This kid never lost sight of his dreams. Coach Sowers believed in him. Coach Sowers trained this kid two to three times a week sometimes. Coach Sowers and TBA gave this kid a chance, gave him the training and tools he needed to be successful. This kid ended up at 3 state championship games in high school, captain of the team, all district, all region, all state honors, just to name a few of the awards. A scholar athlete, trained by TBA. He attended Mesa Community College freshman year (2018) earning second team all WSFL honors, and a 4.0. Today, this kid has turned into a young man, with morals, drive and passion. He is living his dream transfering mid year and D1 bound at Robert Morris University where he will continue to amaze coaches, players and fans. This is largely due to Coach Ron Sowers and TBA. This kid is Trevor Renfro. He is just one of the many success stories of TBA. Pay attention to the name, it will be heard often in the future. If you want to be the best, train with the best. Dreams do come true…but you have to work for it. No better place to start the work than TBA. #cantcheatthegrind #JuCoProduct #RMU. @Trevor_Ren74