Since 2009, Offensive Linemen training under Coach Sowers and Training Better Athletes have received collegiate football scholarships:

  • Tosh Baker – University of Notre Dame
  • Frank Thompson – Stephen F. University
  • Cooper Darling – Oregon State University
  • Adam Verbalatis – Northern Arizona University
  • Blake Gamez – Northern Arizona University
  • Chase Folkestand – Valparaiso University
  • George Roeder – Rocky Mountain College
  • Trajan Forrester – Carroll College
  • Demertus Edwards – Ventura College
  • Drew Achor – Univ. of Mount Union
  • Steven Sabin – University of Montana
  • Jake Hendrickson – University of Montana
  • Jordan Hines – University of Montana
  • Logan Hines – University of Montana
  • Dylan Lusk – New Mexico State University
  • Junior Nieves – University of Northern Colorado
  • Nick Rowland – University of Oregon
  • Jake Abbott – Northern Arizona University
  • Hayden Johnson – Air Force Academy
  • Spencer Nathe – Colorado Pueblo University
  • Layth Friekh – University of Arizona
  • Kamryn Bennett – University of California
  • Marshall Nathe – Arizona State University
  • Tanner Hawthorne – Southern Mississippi University
  • Jeff Durfee – Scottsdale Community College
  • Steven Bailey – University of Arizona
  • Matt Anderson – University of Nebraska-Kearney
  • Ian Fox – Missouri State University
  • Thomas Preston III – University of North Texas
  • Sean Anderson – University of Montana
  • Marco Salas – Arizona State University
  • Daemon Heximer – Scottsdale Community College
  • Braeden Kaowili – SCC
  • Trevor Renfro – MCC / Robert Morris University
  • Cristian Williams – SCC / Western Illinois University
  • Sean Masters – Florida Tech University
  • Davis Davill – Baylor University
  • Kordell Pillans – University of Montana
  • Jacob Golden – Boise State University
  • Carson Keltner – Air Force Academy
  • Andrew Erbes – Montreal Alouettes CFL
  • Ben Fuenmayor – Colorado State – Pueblo University
  • Jake Fyffe – South Dakota School Of Mines
  • Zachary Austin – Ottawa Universtiy
  • Henry Simmons Lake Forrest
  • Dillon Kies – Concordia College Moorhead
  • Craig McFarland – Appalachian State University
  • Angle Verdoza – Fort Lewis College
  • Tony Kennedy Butler University
  • Wyate Lapuaho Bismark Bucks IFL
  • Andy Simek – Ottawa University
  • Luke Verbalaitis – Arizona Christian University
  • Jasper Parks Western New Mexico University

What Our Clients Have To Say

Ron, Thank you for all you have done for Frank! Thank you for pushing him, demanding greatness and believing in hard work!

– Robin Thompson

Thank you Coach Sowers for all of your training, wisdom, and care for Caiden! You have and continue to impact his life more than you know!

– Patti Miles Prater

“I singed with Fort Lewis College coach, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

-Angel Verdoza MCC/Fort Lewis College

“Coach just wanted to give you a shout to say thank you again, I couldn’t have gotten to where I’m at without your help and guidance over the last year”

-Kordell Pillans Univ of Montana

“Thank you @RonTBAOL for all your training and support over the years. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

– Dillon Kies

“Coach Sowers, you give a lot of yourself to your boys every week. I am so glad our path crossed with your talents! You have helped Andy immensely and words do not do it justice.”

– Tony Simek – Andy’s Father

“Shout out to the man in the middle, Ron Sowers. A coach, mentor and friend. He is a huge reason these two boys are where they are today. Best Oline coach out there. Any linemen (offense or defense) contact him and I promise you will be happy. Ron Sowers at Training Better Athletes. You CANT cheat the Grind!”

Kara Rush – Trevor’s Mother

“You were a bigger part of my life than you realize coach, I’ll ALWAYS appreciate everything you have done for me. Wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Love you coach” 🤙🏻

– Sean Anderson

“Training Better Athletes and Better Men! They go hand and hand! Thank you Ron!”

– Jason Heximer (father of Daemon Heximer)

” If it was not for Coach Sowers and his (TBA) Training Better Athletes Offensive Line training program Marco would not be where he is today. Thanks Coach!”

– Damas Salas (father of Marco)

” Coach I wouldn’t have this opportunity without what you taught me!”

– Ian Fox

“You’re are the best OL coach that I have had and I will always make sure to use all my tools in my toolbox!”

-Thomas Preston III

“It’s Official, Purdue Univ. I don’t know how to express how appreciative I’m of the knowledge, coaching & hard work you did with Tanner. Thank You Ron!”

– Mike Hawthorne (Father of Tanner)

“I wanted to thank Ron Sowers for teaching me how to play offensive line at the next level. Being a defensive lineman all my life and playing at Arizona State University made me a one-sided player. Ron helped me learn o-line specifically center which propelled me to play 6 years of arena football. Without his help I’d have never been able to do it. Always grateful for great teachers!”

– Matt Mason

“Hey coach thanks so much for everything this year and during the summer it really meant so much. Igo remember at the beginning of the year, I was wondering if I was going to start and I just played the whole game in the D1 state championship game and that’s all thanks to you, thanks again.”

– Jeff Durfee